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Abdominal Fat

A muffin top can seriously hamper ones wardrobe choices. When extra weight collects around the middle of your body, spilling over your waistband, those low-rise jeans are no longer a flattering option. This “spare tire” is known to creep up slowly and is challenging to get rid of, even with cardio training and a clean diet. Hormonal changes, physical inactivity and stress can all contribute to the dreaded belly overhang. If you’ve been wondering how to eliminate your muffin top spillage safely and without surgery, Cosmetika Aesthetics has multiple options for you. 


When healthy eating and exercise are not helping you lose muffin top bulges, a combination of BTL Vanquish ME, EM Sculpt, and Exilis Ultra 360 are all amazing options to target unwanted abdominal fat. 


Shrink your waistline – and belly girth – with the newest generation of muffin top treatments at Cosmetika Aesthetics. Get incredible results with zero downtime! Call us or visit in person today to learn more and set up a private consultation. 

EM Sculpt
Vanquish ME
Exilis Ultra 360