Turn Back the Clock on Wrinkled Skin With a Chemical Peel

Age may only be a number, but your skin can sometimes come up short on the math. Lines and wrinkles sometimes form because of genetics or years of exposure to sun, wind, and pollutants rather than simply how many years you’ve lived. It may not matter how thorough and complete your skin care regimen is since there are factors beyond your control, and these could contribute to premature aging. 

Yet, your body retains the ability to regenerate support tissues for your skin. You can see this any time you experience a cut or scrape. Give it a few weeks, and not only is the wound invisible, there’s new collagen and elastin tissue underneath the surface, nourishing the outer layers. If you could only harness that healing power to roll back the hands of time, you’d have another tool to tackle wrinkled skin. As it happens, chemical peels may be just the answer. 

What is a chemical peel?

Chemical peels are skin treatments performed by licensed aestheticians. Using chemical solutions of various strengths, chemical peels resurface your skin by creating carefully controlled skin damage.

This controlled damage triggers your body's natural healing response by increasing collagen production in the treatment areas. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein made by the body, and it’s crucial for keeping your skin looking young, firm, and smooth. 

As the chemicals react on your skin, the top layer exfoliates, peeling off to leave room for new, smoother skin to grow.  

Chemical peel skin targets

Chemical peels effectively reduce some of the superficial signs of aging. They remove old skin cells while letting fresh, young skin form. Chemical peels can help improve the appearance of age-related conditions like:

Since chemical peels work on the skin from the outside, any formulation acts on surface issues, like those listed above. If you have deeper wrinkles or sagging skin, we may recommend additional treatments, including injectables like dermal fillers or botulinum toxin injections. 

Matching peel to need

Chemical peels are chosen to address different skin types and flaws. The peel that’s best for you is a combination of your current skin conditions, your lifestyle, and your aesthetic goals. 

Peel treatments fall into one of three basic types, and each type has its own effects and recovery time. Here is a quick overview of how each type works:

Superficial peels

Using milder acids, superficial peels generally work best on fine lines and mild skin discolorations. Patients can expect some redness, which usually goes away within a day.

Medium-level peels

Medium-level peels use stronger acids to penetrate the outer and middle layers of skin. These treatments can reduce lines and wrinkles more aggressively, while minimizing the appearance of other flaws, such as age spots or spider veins. This type of peel requires up to five days of downtime. 

Deep peels

Deep chemical peels penetrate well into the middle layers of your skin, creating the most dramatic skin improvements. Bear in mind, however, these treatments require extensive recovery, including bandaging and at-home aftercare lasting up to two weeks.

When pigmentation is the problem

Age spots and other color issues with your skin can present a challenge to many chemical peel solutions, particularly if you have a skin type that doesn’t typically respond well to depigmentation. 

Cosmelan® is a professional peel that targets flaws in your skin’s melanin, no matter what type of skin you have. This means better results at fading the appearance of the clumps and splotches that melanin irregularities typically cause. 

Whether you choose Cosmelan or another product, the best peel for you is aggressive enough to achieve your chosen results without unnecessary downtime for recovery. Discuss your goals with your chemical peel specialist at Cosmetika Aesthetics. You can call the practice directly or request an appointment using the “Book Online” tool available on this page. A younger-looking you is waiting, so schedule your consultation now. 

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