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It's never to late to rebuild and revitalize sun-damaged and sagging skin with revolutionary collagen building treatments available at Cosmetika Aesthetics. Let us help you to achieve smooth, supple skin with non-invasive treatments and products that stimulate your body to increase its natural collagen production.


Collagen is the human bodies most abundant protein and the skin’s primary support structure. Beginning in our early 30’s, collagen production starts to decline, leading to increased skin laxity, fine lines and other visible signs of aging.


Exilis Ultra™ is an effective non-invasive skin tightening treatment with zero down time. This is the only face skin tightening and body sculpting technology that uses radio frequency (RF) technology to both tighten skin and enhance collagen and elastin production.


Enjoy all the benefits of youthful, radiant skin today without the expense or risk of surgery. Call or visit today to learn more about collagen building treatments.

Exilis Ultra 360