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Non-Surgical Facelift

Cosmetika Aesthetics offers a highly effective, innovative non surgical face lift ideal for patients with moderate skin laxity on the forehead, cheeks, jowls and neck. Through 2-6 treatments turn back the clock with Exilis Ultra 360 which tightens skin and builds collagen. Using targeted radio frequency and powerful ultrasound energy to boost collagen production, Exilis Ultra 360 safely lifts and tightens from within, resulting in a youthful, more toned appearance of the face and neck that needs to be seen to be believed!


Exilis Ultra 360 can produce dramatic lifting results, as it increases the production of natural collagen deep beneath the skin’s surface. Bothered by “marionette” lines, hooded brows or the beginnings of a sagging jawline, but don’t want the associated risks or downtime of surgery? Think of Exilis Ultra 360 as a non invasive face lift that can help you achieve a noticeably fresher look. There is no downtime involved and the restorative effects of Exilis Ultra 360 are progressive, as the bodies natural collagen continues to remodel three months after the treatment.


In some instances dermal fillers can also assist in restoring facial volume reduction and provide an immediate lift that can last anywhere up to 1-2 years. Contact Cosmetika Aesthetics today to book your free consultation and personalized beauty plan.  

Exilis 360 Ultra
Juvéderm Voluma